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René Rohrbeck is an internationally recognized thought leader and award-winning expert in the field of Corporate Foresight. As a professor of strategy and director of the Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation (FIT) at EDHEC Business School, René develops pioneering work on future preparedness of organizations.


His research coupled with his experience in disrupted industries such as automobile and telecommunications has led to his development of the future FITness model. This innovative model measures an organization's ability to leverage foresight in driving innovation and transformation.

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Born in Germany and raised in Rwanda and Burkina Faso, Willan is a multilingual policy analyst and music curator with extensive experience in project management and organization of major events such as multilateral conferences, symposia and festivals.


As a project manager for EU advisory companies, he has been in charge of multi-scale projects and public events on behalf of multilateral institutions. In parallel, he directly assisted policy-makers and built a strong record in decision-making positions. He also co-founded a music collective which organizes artistic events centered on African electronic music with a wide range of actors (collectives, producers, festivals, web radios).



Growing up in a small city in China, Lin Lin always felt like something was missing in her environment. And so, ever since she could put two words together, she dreamed of escaping her bubble and experiencing the world through new lenses, living life to its fullest whatever it could bring to her.


Lin Lin is currently pursuing a MSc in Strategy, Organization and Consulting at EDHEC Business School, in Lille.

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Tobias Eppler is a visionary and dynamic professional who has made significant contributions to the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and digital transformation.


With a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and creativity, he has established himself. Having worked at McKinsey, Google and as General Manager in a hyper growth startup, he brings a lot of expertise in the areas of growth. Additionally, he proudly holds the title of one of the Top 100 Out Executives.



Vandana Menon is a technology policy advisor who currently works as the Government Affairs Lead for the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network at the World Economic Forum. Her primary responsibility is to advise governments on how to maximize the benefits of emerging technologies while ensuring that their development is inclusive and sustainable.


With her academic background and vast experience, Vandana is a prominent thought leader in the field of technology policy and sustainable business growth strategies.

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Basile Masson is a Co-Founder & CEO of ITERATIVE, which is a Web3 Gaming Studio. He is an accomplished and versatile professional with a unique blend of expertise in data analytics and business strategy. His passion for innovation and cutting-edge technologies has driven his career trajectory and allowed him to excel in the gaming industry.


His vision is to educate the general public more about history through gaming. Together with his team, they are building a game, which is a blockchain-based multiplayer real-time strategy game that allows players to collect a stylish selection of historic cartoon-like characters called “Legends” (NFTs) to battle with others.



Karen has had significant years of experience in the Luxury, Consumer Goods and Higher Education sectors. She graduated from an Industrial Engineering degree and like most people, especially today, she has encountered various changes in her career in life including moving multiple job functions and different countries with different languages. She has navigated different kinds of changes that we all encounter with her consistently positive attitude that stirs enthusiasm and commitment with everyone around her.


Today, her new-found purpose is to help companies meet great talent and help talented candidates find fulfilling work in companies that they would love in the Human Resources field. Karen's proudest achievement to-date is having the most fulfilling roles in the world -- being a wife and a mother whose children are learning 4 languages at the same time.

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Terence is the inspiration you didn’t know you needed. As he puts it himself, he’s the founder of 4+ exciting startups and 2+ failed ones at only 29. Terence believed his academic career was a time for trial and error and that is exactly what he did while winning prestigious innovation challenges and building his own university club: the Elevated Psychology Network.


He’s been mentioned in the Forbes 30 under 30 notably for his startup perseedU, a web3 infrastructure built for new generations of donors by offering transparency and creating personal relationships along the process.

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